Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hudson Gardens 2010

We were invited to participate in Hudson Garden's "Taste of Butler County" dinner again this year.

Hudson Gardens is a local greenhouse that has heirloom veggies available, both from the nursery as plants and later in the season, for home delivery for the table!

For the last 6 years they have produced the "Taste of Butler County" dinner. Last year we brought our "Hare Balls", and this year, to change it up a bit, we brought something different. And since Eric was totally on his own this year (more about that later) it needed to be something that didn't involve a lot of prep work.

Introducing "Chips O'Hare"!

The tongue in cheek name refers to what is basically a mini taco salad. First we took Tostito's Scoop chips, filled them with our fabulous rabbit sausage, added some cheese, topped it with homemade salsa, and voila! (It was supposed to also have Mango Salsa to accompany it, but due to extenuating circumstances...more about that later)

Needless to say, they were a big hit.

(And a special shoutout to our friends, Ann and Cary Knutson, who helped Eric with the event, making sure everything was prepped and in a row, and helping out with the customer service. Anna-banana is one of my dear friends from the zoo, and it was awesome of her and Cary to help out. )

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