Monday, September 6, 2010

The Great Boo Boo of 2010

Any one who has ever met me will have noticed that I'm not the most...graceful...person in the world. If it can be stumbled over, cut upon, or dropped, I'm the girl to find it. I've fallen off of things I should never have gotten on, and been kicked, stepped on, scratched, bit, smacked and butted by nearly every species of domestic animal, and never had a serious injury.

On August 13th, Friday the 13th, in fact, my luck ran out.

While moving a certain cranky cow, in a situation that had happened dozens of times in the past, I took a kick to the lower leg, resulting in multiple fractures. Yep, multiple.

Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, titanium rods and screws, and a hotshot young lady surgeon who enjoys repairing "difficult" fractures, I should make a complete recovery. But for the time being, I have been reduced to a talking, typing houseplant. I'm not allowed to put any weight on the leg for some time yet, and am hobbling from chair to bed with a walker. The little things have taken on a whole new meaning, like a trip to the bathroom gets planned out with a few other tasks so the trip can be efficient as possible.

I've discovered a sudden urge to jog. Not because I want to, but because now all of a sudden they say I can't!

Eric has been a sport about having to pretty much do everything for me, although I'm sure it wasn't on his to do list either. We've managed to figure out systems for stuff, like I can still tattoo rabbits if they are brought to me, and our rabbit records are so up to date, it's frightening.

But I'm going into horse and cow withdrawal for sure. I can't remember ever going without horse hair on me for this long. I may have to have Eric bring me in a grooming brush for some aromatherapy!

So, in the meantime this blog may actually have some current material posted, and I promise not to whine. Much. I promised everyone that I would be good and do what I'm supposed to to heal, because believe me, we are only doing this once. Period.

Everyone has been so supportive and helpful, and I feel truly blessed by having such awesome friends and family. You are all rock stars and as soon as I can I'm chasing you all down for a big hug!


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